Located in the heart of Wakasa town in the center of Japan, lies the Fukui Prefecture that houses Benichu umeshu. Benichu is a company that is renowned for making authentic plum wine using 100% of “Benisashiume” produced in Wakasa. Handling the whole end-to-end process in the making of umeshu, Benichu prides itself in providing the best quality umeshu to its customers.

The plum wines made are organic, free of additives and fragrances using Koeui. Koeui is a unique plum grown locally in Wakasa town as it has small seeds, a thick flesh and a naturally sweet aroma that reflects in the plum wine made.

Carrying a wide variety of uniquely crafted liqueurs, Benichu wants to cater to various customers’ needs by producing sweetened to unsweetened umeshu. In addition to the plum wine, they also manage a spin-off revenue model by selling juices made out of plums.
Without commercializing the plum wines made, Benichu keeps its operations exclusive to some of the best well-trained wine makers. The team consisting of 12 people does not mass produce the plum wines but makes them in limited quantities seasonally.
Recognized for its excellence, Benichu has been awarded for multiple accomplishments including being the Gold medalist for Feminaries World Wine Competition and Superior Taste Award at the International Taste Examination Organization. Benichu is definitely a crowd-favourite with praises of its delicious taste from various sommeliers globally.
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